We have been providing SQL consultancy services since March 2000

As a team we have close to 100 years of collective SQL experience to offer you!

Our SQL consultants have been involved in SQL setups of Bank of America, Dixons, Cazenove, Standard Chartered Bank, Allied Data Resources, East Kent Hospital, Land Securities – to name but a few ‘household’ names. All versions of SQL are supported! Although we can help with pretty much any SQL related task, most commonly used services are:


This is typically an ‘eye opener’

The SQL Server Health Check is a narrative report that points out problem areas that affect the overall performance of your database system, the operations and execution calls behind them, and the pattern and behavior of your database system’s activity.

This is typically an ‘eye opener’ and over 90% of our clients would say that it was money well spent.


Performance improvements in excess of 50%

Once analysis is complete, we use a variety of tuning techniques to improve performance of your database application. These techniques range from index analysis and tuning and transparent syntax modifications to more complex architectural changes.

In all cases, we document “Before” and “After” performance benchmarks that measure both the overall resource utilization as well as duration of individual procedures and queries.

We have completed 100s of performance tuning projects for our clients. On average, our clients have seen performance improvements in excess of 50%. Contact us today to see how we can help.


Slugging performing server literally come to life

This is the part of SQL that we enjoy working on the most!

Difference between a badly designed query (stored procedure, view or a function) and a well designed one can be as significant as a few seconds of execution time.

If that same query is being executed thousands of times an hour, it is not difficult to see how relatively simple fixes can make a slugging performing server literally come to life.


Solutions stable and trouble-free for years

One of our specialties is SQL replication or Log shipping in multi-server/multi-site setups.

Because we actually understand what goes on behind the scenes of SQL server replication engine, we are able to implement tailor made solutions that prove stable and trouble-free for years!

Anyone can follow a wizard and setup replication!

Very few can analyze the type of transactions being performed at table or field level and implement a bespoke replication solution that does not fall down on first conflict…


One must not underestimate the importance of SQL maintenance

Although quite trivial in our world, one must not underestimate the importance of SQL maintenance in order to ensure reliable operation of your business lifeline.

Backup plans, Log shrinking, Index analysis, space consumption monitoring are all relatively simple but crucially important tasks that must be carried out in order to prevent a meltdown.


SQL specific backup plans

We are able to assist with implementation of SQL specific backup plans and Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery provisions.

Our solutions include warm standby (restore times of approx. 30-60 minutes), standby (typically through log shipping we can achieve fail-over in 5-10 minutes) or live fail-over.


Many levels of DBA work

We can offer many levels of DBA work – from simple administration duties, holiday/sickness cover, reporting/business intelligence or simply to lend a hand to your overstretched in house DBA.


Years of experience

With years of experience of migrations across platforms and different versions of SQL server it is more than likely that we have already done what you are about to embark upon.

Our experience can make the difference between your project completing on time or overrunning by weeks!