Purple Key is a team of young and talented professionals that find ways to ensure success of every project and grant that originality and organization lie behind our work. A characteristic that distinguishes us from others is our ability to design and implement the most important projects, campaigns within short deadlines.

Our team will work together with you in designing the best possible solution for your project. We are flexible and we understand that each individual or company has its own aim with many different financial plans, contributions and time limits. We will make an exceptional multimedia and campaign that will meet your expectations and have the desired effect.



We are proud of services offered by our creative team whose task is to provide help to our clients in meeting their business goals through brilliant ideas, design and marketing that yield results.

We enjoy in the process of developing ideas, in visual communication and preparation of concepts. Using visual and verbal communication for transfer of important data to the end-user, we maintain close cooperation with our clients and present to them our proposals and creative solutions.

During cooperation we take time to understand your unique requests and develop perfect ideas and processes. Our goal is your success and therefore we work together with you in designing your program while we gather additional information. Purple Key’s dedicated team is always ready to help you in any way. You can contact each of our employees by calling their direct numbers or via e-mail.

Our business is based on good relations, communication and knowledge. This is how we develop step by step, with our clients and by building new and strong relations.


Mirza Pirić
Mirza PirićDirector

Everyone knows that doing what you love gives the best results in business world. However, loving this job is not enough; it is necessary to engage in constant learning and improvement of yourself because anything below this is unacceptable. Only when our clients are satisfied with our solutions can we say that what we do, love and make has its purpose and goal.

In Purple Key we continuously learn about values of business and creating simple and at the same time distinguishing visuals that help our clients make their goals in a particular market. We constantly work on making the best possible solutions through team work in order to meet the requirements of our clients and to reach significant results.

Maybe some will find this strange, but I primarily want to stress that so far my highest achievement is actually the team” Young people I work with are the brightest and the most successful project I managed to build in the past years…

It is not easy to start from nothing in a period of crisis, but we managed to overcome difficulties and we reached the number of 30 employees. Through numerous successful campaigns and projects we acquired clients and continued cooperating with them.

After many years of stay outside of our country I returned with a motivation to help young people who had been waiting for someone to get them going. I wanted to show them that it is possible even in our country to start something good and high quality and to make success through constant learning and dedicated work. I achieved this with these young people and I brought us where we are now – building success and facing defeats in order to grow day by day inspiring each other.


Mirza Pirić
Mirza PirićDirector
Mahira Hadžić
Mahira HadžićOperations Manager
Đorđe Jovanović
Đorđe JovanovićCreative Director
Medina Pitarević
Medina PitarevićTeam Leader & Web designer
Irma Hožbo
Irma HožboTeam Leader & Senior Retoucher
Denis Isaković
Denis IsakovićGraphic & Web Designer
Sanela Babić
Sanela BabićTeam Leader & Photographer
Emir Gušo
Emir GušoSenior Retoucher
Zlatan Menković
Zlatan MenkovićPhotographer & Senior Retoucher
Nermin Sarić
Nermin SarićSenior Retoucher
Nedim Iljazović
Nedim IljazovićBusiness Development
Maja Husić
Maja HusićBusiness Development
Tarik Zlatarević
Tarik ZlatarevićSenior Retoucher
Ilvana Zubčević
Ilvana ZubčevićSenior Retoucher
Vedad Krkbešević
Vedad KrkbeševićSenior Retoucher
Nermina Filipović
Nermina FilipovićGraphic & Web Designer
Maša Čengić
Maša ČengićGraphic Designer
Jasmin Sanjta
Jasmin SanjtaMotion & Graphic Designer
Saša Petrović
Saša PetrovićSenior Retoucher
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Purple Key team provides the highest quality in marking support through various programs promoting our clients and their companies.

We proudly present the services our creative team provides which is tasked to help clients achieve their business goals through a great idea, design and marketing that delivers results.
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